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Wedding Day Azahar & Syawaliza

Wedding Day Azahar & Syawaliza
on 11 January 2015 (Sunday), Dewan Dato’ Ahmad Razali, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Client of the Day.

Jan. 11, 2015 – Persandingan / Outdoor Photoshoot


To Azahar & Syawaliza,

Congrats for joining the Mr & Mrs Club.
May Allah SWT bless your family with joyful journey ahead and loving forever.


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Adhoc Photography at PhytoScience – The Bilionnaire Builders Group (BBG) @ Putrajaya, Jan. 5, 2015

A Half Day Photography Job for the PhytoScience Malaysia.

I am very happy for giving my photography service to the PhytoScience (Malaysia) Berhad. A great event for group of workaholic people, translated with box full of bonus money. Year End Celebration of BBG Achievers to members who has getting 5 Figures Income, 6 Figures Income and event 7 Figures Income. An event full of surprise and laughter from the beginning until end of the day.

Client of the day: Phyto Science – The Billionaire Builders Group (BBG) for the cos of Celebrating the High Achievers

Location @ Precinct 16, Community Center, Putrajaya, Jan. 5, 2015.

To the high achievers @ BBG,

Do not quit…. keep your sales target, goals and visions boost-on and forever sustainable for brighter future.


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Call to subscribed…..0122704429